Can Art be Beneficial To Your Health?

Sounds crazy right? All the time we hear about eating healthy and exercising more, but being creative has never been one of the “guidelines” to becoming healthy. If you’ve noticed coloring books have become a huge trend. This is because even simply coloring stimulates the brain and helps in many ways.

Stress Relieving

Sculpting, painting, drawing, even photography can lower stress levels and leave you feeling mentally clear and almost in a calm and peaceful state. Some people claim that they get so into creating art-work that they are in a meditative state. Nothing around them matters except that task at hand. Creating art can also help you focus your attention to small details which can benefit in everyday life.

Boosts Self-Esteem

A lot of people feel that they are not able to “create artwork” because they are not creative or they have no artistic abilities. Creating art release dopamine, also called the “motivation molecule” it gives you that little push to finish something and feel accomplished when you have done so.

Increases Brain Connectivity

Your brain creates new connections each time you do a new activity or task. Over the years, your brain makes many new connections, the ability for you brain to keep making these connections and change is called brain plasticity. Creating art helps stimulate different parts of the brain and helps build the number of connections your brain has.


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