Top 5 Places to Visit In Georgia

  1. Savannah Historic District

Located in Eastern Georgia, Savannah sits alongside the Atlantic Ocean and is separated from South Carolina by the Savannah River. The city is rich in history, it has been involved in the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and the only city that General Richard Sherman spared on his famous “March to the Sea”. Savannah is well known for their beautiful oak trees and the cobblestone streets. This city has many attractions and is a great place for history buffs or those seeking adventure. But be warned, Savannah is on the list of most haunted cities in the United States.

2. Georgia Aquarium

A public aquarium located in the heart of Atlanta, the Georgia Aquarium is the largest aquarium in the United States. The aquarium was once the largest in the world, it houses thousands of animals which are displayed throughout five different exhibits. They periodically hold exclusive exhibits, a few years back they had an exhibit that featured the Titanic. This is one of the place that you must visit if you find yourself in Atlanta.

3. Rock City

You may have seen bright red bird houses with roofs that read “See Rock City”. These originated in 1935 when Clark Byers painted over 900 barn roofs with this same slogan on them. He did so to advertise the beautiful Rock City. Located on top of Lookout Mountain, Rock City has a variety of unique rock formations. Also, Lover’s Leap is located at the very top it is claimed that from here you can see seven neighboring states.

4. World Of Coca-Cola

The iconic drink that is known all around the world finally has a museum that showcases its full history. The first location was built in 1990, but was relocated in 2007. At the beginning of the tour, you are brought into a room filled with Coke memorabilia and they tell you stories all about the history of Coca-Cola. There are different rooms you are able to visit, and they even have a short 4-D film. At the end of it all, there more than 100 different international Coca-Cola beverages. Ticket prices are very reasonably priced making it an attraction for the whole family. Don’t forget, “try the Beverly.”

5. Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Located in Piedmont Park beside Atlanta, the Botanical Gardens span through 30 acres. There are many small exhibits, each different from the previous one. They all have set landscapes and a variety of different plants. It is also home to a 600-foot-long Canopy Walk that hangs 40 feet in the air. My personal favorite exhibit is one that is only held for a short period of time. From February 11th-April 9th, Orchid Daze is held, this is the largest Orchid center in the United States.


Can Art be Beneficial To Your Health?

Sounds crazy right? All the time we hear about eating healthy and exercising more, but being creative has never been one of the “guidelines” to becoming healthy. If you’ve noticed coloring books have become a huge trend. This is because even simply coloring stimulates the brain and helps in many ways.

Stress Relieving

Sculpting, painting, drawing, even photography can lower stress levels and leave you feeling mentally clear and almost in a calm and peaceful state. Some people claim that they get so into creating art-work that they are in a meditative state. Nothing around them matters except that task at hand. Creating art can also help you focus your attention to small details which can benefit in everyday life.

Boosts Self-Esteem

A lot of people feel that they are not able to “create artwork” because they are not creative or they have no artistic abilities. Creating art release dopamine, also called the “motivation molecule” it gives you that little push to finish something and feel accomplished when you have done so.

Increases Brain Connectivity

Your brain creates new connections each time you do a new activity or task. Over the years, your brain makes many new connections, the ability for you brain to keep making these connections and change is called brain plasticity. Creating art helps stimulate different parts of the brain and helps build the number of connections your brain has.

The Perks of Being an Athlete

A lot of people view sports as an accident waiting to happen. Being an athlete is hard, it’s mentally and physically exhausting, it pushes you when you sometimes would rather it not. In the long run, there are so many benefits that come out of it.


Being on a sports team allows for teams to travel, sometimes it’s just a place that’s an hour away, but it’s time that you get to spend with your teammates. My first year of college lacrosse, I was so scared to be playing a sport at a collegiate level. I thought about quitting because it was very time consuming and both mentally and physically challenging. We traveled all around the SouthEast and we even took a trip to Seattle and Portland. Being on a team gives you opportunities to travel places that you may have never been to before.


While on a team, you travel with your teammates, go to team dinners, do team activities and you form bonds with them overtime. Some of the people you meet become lifelong friends. Personally, there are a few people that I play lacrosse with that I spend time with outside of practice almost everyday. We are all very close and we know more about each other than most people do. This also helps when we are playing together because they trust we have with each other off the field translates onto the field as well.


Personally, I’ve been playing sports all my life. When I was younger, I was very shy and didn’t like interacting with people I didn’t know. Every sport I’ve played I have held some form of a leadership position. This has helped me not be as nervous when talking to new people or trying new things. Playing sports has also taught me that you will lose. There will be times when you mess up, but you have to pick yourself up and learn from your mistakes. It makes you work harder and it gives you the confidence so that if you do mess up, you will give 110% to do better the next time around.